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Your Comfort Is

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We Offer Same Day Service



About Us

We are proud to be a Family Owned & Operated Heating & Air Condition company here in Citrus Heights. Our company was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and a whole lot of hard work. We are here to serve your HVAC Cooling and Heating Systems as well as providing emergency repairs, maintenance, and installation like it’s our own. My family and I are committed to making sure your Air Conditioning and Heating systems stay running properly when you need them. Call Blue Line Energy Solutions today to schedule service or Installation on your HVAC Cooling and Heating system. You can count on us for all of your HVAC needs, We guarantee it! 

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Many firms make many claims about their track record, licensing and commitment to customer satisfaction. Most of them are being straight with you.  Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions. 

  • How can you be sure that the company you hire is upstanding? We recommend following these tips for selecting a contractor:

Contractors State License Board

  • Enter the contractor’s license number in the Contractors State License Board website. Our license number is 1064564.  Check for the following:
  • The license is current. It is illegal for a contractor to do work without a license.
  • The bond is current. The bond offers protection for you in the event that work is done improperly.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance is current. Any firm that has employees should have compensation insurance.  Some firms don’t have employees, so it is not needed.  In that case you need to decide if you want to contract with a one-person firm.

Better Business Bureau

  • Search for the contractor in the Better Business Bureau website database. You can see our BBB record here. Check for the following:
  • The contractor’s BBB rating.  Ours is A+, the highest BBB rating.
  • Check to see if the contractor is BBB Accredited. We are.


  • Check references. Ask if there were any problems and, if so, how they were handled. Also ask how they found the contractor.

Get It In Writing

  • Get any work to be done in writing ahead of time. Make sure the payment schedule is defined, and all work to be done is described.

Don’t Pay In Advance

  • The contractor should not ask for final payment until the job is complete.

Who Will Lead Your Project?

  • Find out if the person you are meeting with ahead of time will be involved in the project. Will they be back once the project starts and completes, or will they hand-off the project to someone else?

Multiple Quotes

  • Obtain multiple quotes from contractors who meet the qualifications mentioned above.


Here are some of the certifications and associations we hold with other amazing companies


Your Safety

There are numerous components in a basic AC unit that could pose a hazard if handled incorrectly. Untrained individuals should not attempt to repair electrical components or refrigerants. The risk of fixing it without any technical knowledge possesses far more dangers than a mere breakdown of the AC unit. In a worst-case scenario, it may be hazardous to life itself.

More Efficiency

If you attempt to repair your air conditioner on your own, you may be able to get it to function again. However, you may be unsure of how you corrected it or what else could be done to improve its performance. Our skilled air conditioning technicians in Citrus Heights are experts in repairing AC systems and optimizing them for efficiency. All of this can save you money on utility costs while keeping your home cool.

Protect Your Investment

Buying and maintaining an air conditioner is a significant financial expenditure for any household. It is critical to have someone who knows what they are doing on your AC unit to guarantee that your investment is properly preserved and not harmed by incorrect repairs. This will protect it from inadvertent harm and ensure that the money you spend on your unit is not squandered.

Saves Money

While hiring air conditioning specialists may appear to be the more expensive option, it is actually less expensive in the long term. The initial cost of needing to pay these professionals to work on your AC unit can eat into your budget, but you can rest assured that the job was done correctly. Professional repairs will keep your equipment functioning for a long time, whereas erroneous or “quick fix” solutions will need to be fixed again and again


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Customer Satisfaction

Our Services

Here are some of high quality specialized services we offer.


We are certified in CA Title 24 duct testing and licensed through CALCERTS. Whether you are having a new system installed, replacing the ducts, or simply want to know the condition of your current duct system, Blue Line Energy solutions can provide the testing and certification you need. 


The load calculation is how HVAC professionals determine the correct size for your home’s HVAC equipment, whether you’re building a new home or installing new HVAC equipment. Load calculation takes into account many factors and comes up with numbers that represent your home’s total heating and cooling requirements.


We will provide a thorough exam before deciding to replace your unit. If needed, our skilled technicians have been trained to install the highest rated equipment. New components may include the inside air handler or evaporator, outside compressor or condensing unit, new refrigerant supply lines, thermostat, condensate drain lines and more


HVAC maintenance is the process of maintaining the heater or air conditioner by inspecting, cleaning, testing, or even repairing and replacing components in the system. By investing in maintenance for your HVAC system, you can fix issues before they become bigger problems.



Read what our customers are saying about us!

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Clarice Taylor

Amazing work, very professional and on time. The price turned out very close to the original estimate and Todd was a pleasure to work with.

Michael Kraft

I was having lots of problems with my AC system and I thought I’d have to replace the whole unit but Todd came by, found the problem and now it runs great.

Emely Miller

I had an AC unit that was pretty old and inefficient so it needed replacement. The cost was pretty fair and the installation was smooth. I couldn’t be happier.


Here you will find quick answers for common questions

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC (pronounced h-vack or spelled out) stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. These three functions of a forced-air system are closely interrelated; all provide thermal comfort and healthy indoor air quality (IAQ).

What is the life expectancy of my HVAC system?

The average life expectancy of an HVAC system depends on many factors. These factors include how often the system is used, the make and model, the age, and how often it was serviced. You can expect your HVAC to last about 15 years, while a heat pump can last a few years longer.

How often should I replace the filter?

It is always a good idea to change your air filter in the fall and spring, just before at the start of the major heating and cooling seasons. Otherwise, check your filter every other month to assess whether it is clean enough to filter the contaminants properly.

How often should I have maintenance done on my air conditioner?

Maintenance on your air conditioning system should be performed at least once a year – spring to early summer (before the extreme temperatures arise). This will ensure maximum efficiency and keep repair issues to a minimum.

Why should I replace my working furnace or air conditioner?

If you’re A/C or furnace is more than 12 years old, you should consider replacing it with a new, high-efficiency model. A modern HVAC system can save the typical household up to 50 percent on energy costs. While a new furnace and air conditioning unit can help lower utility bills, they can also offer a higher level of comfort throughout your home.

How important is it to get the right size of heating and cooling equipment?

It is essential that your HVAC is the correct size for your home. Heating and cooling equipment that is over-capacity (too big) will not run as frequently or long enough to cool or heat appropriately. HVAC equipment that is under-sized, will also result in loss of comfort during temperature extremes. In both instances, energy efficiency will be extremely poor.

How can I increase the efficiency and life of my home’s HVAC?

Some quick tips:

1. Clean and replace the air filters frequently.

2. Your system will work more efficiently when the blower is in the “on” position. The blower ensures constant airflow throughout the home, and allows for better air filtration.

3. Install curtains, shades, drapes, or shutters on windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight to keep room temperatures consistent and comfortable.

How do I find the indoor air quality of my home?

The indoor air quality (IAQ) of a home can depend on a variety of factors. Pet dander, dust, cleaning solutions, and even cooking can pollute your air, which can build up over time. Particulates trapped in the air can carry viruses or bacteria, and aggravate conditions like asthma and allergies. Home Service Heroes can provide an indoor air analysis and give you personalized results based on what we find.

What temperature should I set for my thermostat?

Obviously, the season becomes a crucial factor for desired temperature settings in the home. In summer, the average temperature setting is 76°-78°, and 69°-71° during the winter. When leaving your house, it is important to avoid drastically altering the temperature setting. Never set your thermostat back more than 5 degrees as this will cause your HVAC to work harder – wasting energy and potentially harming the unit.

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